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Screening people for SARS at airports unlikely to stop spread  (Posted October 27, 2005)
  Screening passengers as they arrive at UK airports is unlikely to prevent the importation of either SARS or influenza, finds a study published online by the BMJ...  
Bats might be origin of SARS  (Posted October 27, 2005)
  Findings suggest winged mammals could spread SARS-like viruses across Asia, Australia and Europe...  
BREAKING NEWS - New Case Reported  (Posted September 8, 2003)
  CNN - Singapore health officials say a local patient has tested positive for severe acute respiratory syndrome, or SARS, The Associated Press reports.  
UN Sends Experts to China to Study Origins of SARS Virus  (Posted July 11, 2003)
  A panel of international experts say Hong Kong's response to the SARS outbreak this year was good, but there is always room for improvement. The United Nations has sent an expert to mainland China to study the origins of the virus...  
Officials Planning Response To SARS  (Posted July 7, 2003)
  Health officials say a SARS outbreak of some type is highly likely this year, and they are conferring with doctors and hospitals across the Washington region on how to contain the infection and provide services to people who quarantine themselves at home. There is urgency in the work, they say...  
SARS mutation worries health officials  (Posted June 19, 2003)
  TORONTO - Signs that milder forms of SARS are turning up may make fighting the infection a lot harder, according to a Canadian expert. Click title to read the entire article.  
Webmasters, Please Link To  (Posted June 17, 2003)
  Do you own or manage a web site? If so, please consider providing a link from your site to Widespread knowledge on this important topic is in everyone's best interest.  
Will SARS strike again?  (Posted June 17, 2003)
  News that an Orange County man traveling from Toronto came down with SARS spread alarm in many North Carolinians this spring. Now that the scare is fading away, many of those same people wonder if it can happen again...  
U.S. SARS case traced to Toronto  (Posted June 10, 2003)
  RALEIGH, N.C. - North Carolina is reporting its first case of SARS, and state health officials say the man contracted the disease in Toronto...  
SARS found in North Carolina  (Posted June 10, 2003)
  The state Department of Health and Human Services confirmed Monday that an Orange County man who visited Toronto last month contracted severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). It is the eighth confirmed case of SARS in the United States.  
Sars seems to be under control  (Posted June 10, 2003)
  Siem Reap, Cambodia - The World Health Organisation said on Tuesday that Sars "appears to be under control" as infections in Asia have slowed to a trickle and Chinese leaders urged continued vigilance against any further outbreaks...  
U.S. expert says odds of catching virus aboard jets  (Posted June 5, 2003)
  WASHINGTON, June 5 Preliminary data show the risk of contracting SARS on aircraft appears low, a U.S. health expert told lawmakers Thursday...  
New method developed to test for SARS infection  (Posted June 4, 2003)
  Immunochromatography is the newest way to determine whether a person has contracted the potentially deadly severe acute respiratory syndrome...  
US virus expert pays visit to learn about SARS  (Posted June 4, 2003)
  A US epidemiologist said yesterday that he was very impressed by the home quarantine measures taken by Taiwan in its fight against SARS...  
Breath tubes spread SARS  (Posted June 4, 2003)
  Toronto doctors have admitted SARS is being spread to health-care workers when tubes are put down patients' throats to help them breathe -- and the physicians don't know how to stop it...  
Surviving SARS: Minds may be slowest to heal  (Posted June 4, 2003)
  The pace of new SARS infections is ebbing in East Asia, but the disease now appears to be taking a greater emotional toll than initially recognized, both on people infected and on the many more people who face discrimination because of their association with SARS victims.  
WHO mum on rumoured SARS cases  (Posted June 4, 2003)
  TORONTO (CP) -- The World Health Organization said Wednesday it won't share details of rumoured exported SARS cases from Toronto unless it can determine there is some substance to the claims.  
Sars found in pigs and snakes  (Posted June 4, 2003)
  Beijing - A leading Sars expert in China said on Wednesday the coronavirus which causes the respiratory disease was found in a wider range of wild animals than previously reported, including snakes and wild pigs...  
SARS Is 'Serious Disaster' to Mankind: Chinese Vice-Health Minister  (Posted June 3, 2003)
  The severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) is an unexpected and serious disaster to human beings, threatening the health and safety of the people in Asia and even the world, Chinese Vice-Minister of Health said in Beijing Tuesday...  
Unmasking SARS' irrational fears  (Posted May 30, 2003)
  If nothing else, SARS' sudden appearance tells us something we already should know: Life's a risky proposition...  
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SARS - Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome - is an important health issue and is a resource for information on the SARS Virus.

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