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Hong Kong, Canada, U.S. Scientists File SARS Patents, WSJ Says  (Posted May 5, 2003)
  London, May 5 (Bloomberg) -- Hong Kong, Canadian and U.S. scientists said they filed patent applications relating to severe acute respiratory syndrome, or SARS, as competition increases to find treatments for the disease, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing researchers.  
SARS shocker: virus is a tough customer  (Posted May 5, 2003)
  Washington - The SARS virus can survive on common surfaces at room temperature for hours or even days. This could explain how people can catch the deadly lung infection without face-to-face contact with a sick person. Laboratory studies released on Sunday have... Source: The Star - South Africa  
Feces May be Key in Spreading SARS  (Posted May 4, 2003)
  By EMMA ROSS - AP Medical Writer - New scientific findings indicate that feces may be a more important method of spreading the SARS virus than originally thought...  
Sars trip passengers contacted  (Posted May 4, 2003)
  By SCOTT MacLEOD Qantas officials have tracked down almost all 359 people who flew to Australia with a flight attendant thought to have Sars. Source: New Zealand Herald  
Anatomy of an epidemic  (Posted May 4, 2003)
  Tracing the rapid, worldwide spread of the SARS virus By MARILYNN MARCHIONE, Journal Sentinel Inc.  
Sars can survive outside body: report  (Posted May 4, 2003)
  Washington - The Sars virus can survive for hours on common surfaces outside the human body, and up to four days in human waste, according to a Washington Post article on Sunday detailing new scientific findings. The virus can survive at least... Source:  
SARS mutation fears  (Posted May 3, 2003)
  The Sun-Herald - New deaths from SARS were reported yesterday in China, Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong as medical experts warned that the respiratory illness was mutating rapidly and could pose an increasing threat to already compromised populations. Click title to read the whole story  
Imperial Oil revs up SARS-weary Toronto  (Posted May 2, 2003)
  Canadian Press - Toronto Doing its bit to fuel positive sentiment in SARS-weary Toronto, Imperial Oil is slashing its price for regular gasoline to 49.9 cents per litre in the city this weekend... Source: Globe and Mail  
Severe immune response kills SARS victims  (Posted May 2, 2003) news service An excessive immune reaction appears to be the fatal factor in patients who die of SARS, according to medical data from Hong Kong. The best estimate of the fatality rate of SARS is rising steadily and so understanding how the disease causes death is critical to finding the best treatments.  
Webmasters - Link to  (Posted May 2, 2003)
  Widespread knowledge on this important subject is to everyone's benefit. Please... add a link to to your web site.  
Anticipating SARS spread, U.S. stockpiles masks  (Posted May 2, 2003)
  Associated Press Federal officials are stockpiling ventilators, training health workers and encouraging hospitals to create isolation wards in case the SARS virus spreads in the United States the way it has in China, Canada and...  
WHO: SARS death rate rising  (Posted April 30, 2003)
  NBC, MSNBC AND NEWS SERVICES - BEIJING, April 30 The worldwide death rate from SARS appears to have almost doubled, particularly in Singapore and Canada, the World Health Organization said Wednesday.  
Schools cancel Toronto trips over SARS worries  (Posted April 30, 2003)
  BATAVIA, N.Y. (Associated Press) - chool officials this week canceled planned field trips to Toronto because of concerns over the SARS virus, even as the World Health Organization lifted its warning against nonessential travel to the Canadian city... Source:  
Sars: Global update  (Posted April 30, 2003)
  The figures are based on confirmed World Health Organization statistics released daily... Source: BBC/WHO  
CDC: New lab test to help count SARS  (Posted April 30, 2003)
  WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Health officials in the United States are adding a third category to their count of SARS cases -- those confirmed by laboratory tests -- the director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control announced...  
Masks for SARS a waste, experts say; just wash up  (Posted April 30, 2003)
  BY FRAN SPIELMAN City Hall Reporter Chicagoans have nothing to fear from SARS--and they need not wear masks--so long as they exercise "commonsense" hygiene, like frequent hand washing and keeping fingers away from eyes and noses, aldermen were told Tuesday. In fact, medical experts say...  
Key Developments Concerning SARS  (Posted April 30, 2003)
  Associated Press - Key developments concerning severe acute respiratory syndrome...  
24-hour quarantine for banknotes  (Posted April 29, 2003)
  Beijing (SA) - Chinese banks have started putting incoming banknotes in 24-hour quarantine before returning them to circulation in an effort to contain Sars, state media said on Tuesday.  
Tourist with SARS symptoms held for 10 days in N.Y.  (Posted April 28, 2003)
  NEW YORK (CNN) -- An international tourist was held involuntarily for 10 days in a hospital in New York City after showing mild symptoms of SARS, according to the city's Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. Click on article title to read the whole story.  
Entrepreneurs and Internet scam artists try to cash in on SARS scare  (Posted April 28, 2003)
  MARIA BABBAGE - Canadian Press - OTTAWA - Face masks and frequent hand-washing may be the best defence against SARS, but they aren't stopping scam artists and would-be entrepreneurs from cashing in on public fears of the deadly disease. Click on the title to read the entire article.  
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SARS - Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome - is an important health issue and is a resource for information on the SARS Virus.

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