SARS, Sever Acute Respiratory Syndrome, SARS Virus - is resource for information on this important health issue.


Molecular Evolution of SARS  (Posted October 27, 2005)
  Molecular Evolution of the SARS Coronavirus During the Course of the SARS Epidemic in China...  
SARS Reference  (Posted October 27, 2005)
  SARS Reference is a medical textbook that provides a comprehensive overview of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). Access to the online version is free...  
The European Bioinformatics Institute  (Posted June 4, 2003)
  SARS section of te EBI web site. The European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI) is a non-profit academic organisation that forms part of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory.  
WHO - Update 73  (Posted June 4, 2003)
  As of today, a cumulative total of 8402 probable SARS cases with 772 deaths has been reported from 29 countries. This represents an increase of 10 new cases compared with yesterday. The new cases were reported in Canada (5), Hong Kong (1), Taiwan (2), Germany (1), and the USA (1). No new deaths were reported today. This marks the first day with no new SARS deaths since 28 March, when the cumulative totals stood at 1485 cases and 53 deaths.  
The six steps of proper handwashing  (Posted June 4, 2003)
  Health officials recommend frequent and thorough handwashing as a way to protect yourself from diseases like SARS and...  
International Society for Infectious Diseases  (Posted June 2, 2003)
  The International Society for Infectious Diseases (ISID) was created to bring together all individuals interested in infectious diseases, including infectious disease specialists, microbiologists, immunologists, epidemiologists, public health workers, parasitologists, virologists, mycologists, molecular biologists, and others with similar concerns.  
SARS: A Guide to Origins, Symptoms and Precautions You Can Take  (Posted May 27, 2003)
  Health officials around the world are grappling with a rapidly spreading epidemic of a severe respiratory ailment known as SARS. Here's a quick look at who's at risk and other basic questions about the disease. Click title to read the entire story.  
FACTBOX-Latest SARS toll by country  (Posted May 26, 2003)
  HONG KONG, May 26 (Reuters) - Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome has killed hundreds and infected thousands, most of them in China and Hong Kong. Click on title to read the entire article.  
Latest Canadian Numbers on SARS  (Posted May 23, 2003)
  As of May 22, 2003, Health Canada has received reports of 318 probable or suspect cases of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) in Canada. There have been 24 deaths in Canada. To date, transmission has been limited to specific transmission settings such as households, hospitals and specific community settings. The information contained in this update is based on the information available to Health Canada at this time. Click title to read the entire update.  (Posted May 8, 2003)
  An online respiratory clinic providing private and secure access to US Board Certified Pulmonologists to answer all types of questions about SARS and other respiratory disorders. The clinic is managed by Dr. Richard S. Yates, MD, Board Certified Pulmonologist.  
Ontario Ministry of Health - Update  (Posted May 6, 2003)
  Fact Sheet - Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) Update - TORONTO, May 6, 2003.  
FACING FACTS ABOUT SARS  (Posted May 6, 2003)
  Disposable face masks worn to ward off SARS are giving individuals a false sense of protection, says Thomas Terndrup, M.D., director of the Center for Disaster Preparedness at University of Alabama at Birmingham.  
Mount Sinai Hospital - Toronto  (Posted May 4, 2003)
  An internationally recognized health care centre affiliated with the University of Toronto, Ontario Canada.  
New York City Department of Health  (Posted May 4, 2003)
  Get the facts about the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, including recent NYC DOHMH Press Releases  
Webmasters - Link To Us  (Posted May 4, 2003)
  Widespread knowledge on this important subject is to everyone's benefit. Please... add a link to to your web site.  
healthfinder® by U.S. Dept. of Health  (Posted May 1, 2003)
  healthfinder® is Federal Web site, developed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services together with other Federal agencies.  
eMedicine Inc.  (Posted May 1, 2003)
  A large and current clinical knowledge base available to physicians and health professionals. Nearly 10,000 physician authors and editors contribute to the eMedicine Clinical Knowledge Base with coverage of 7,000 diseases and disorders.  
Ontario Medical Association  (Posted May 1, 2003)
  A voluntary membership organization representing Ontario's approximately 24,000 physicians. Link is directly to the SARS section of their web site.  
Canadian Medical Association Journal  (Posted April 30, 2003)
  eCMAJ is tracking ongoing developments in the global outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) for both clinicians and patients. Check here for the latest updates on the situation in Canada and around the world.  
St. Louis University - SARS FACTS  (Posted April 29, 2003)
  Center For The Study Of Emerging Infections - SARS Fact Sheets.  
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SARS - Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome - is an important health issue and is a resource for information on the SARS Virus.

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