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Toronto on the road to recovery as its citizenry rallies around it  (Posted May 9, 2003)
  For more than a month a blanket of SARS has hung over Toronto thrusting the city negatively into the international spotlight. But as comedians cracked jokes on late night television, the World Health Organization (WHO) warned travellers to stay away from here and CNN occasionally took a break from Iraq to focus in on this little corner of the world, Torontonians maintained business as usual.  
Pearson's scanner sits in storage  (Posted May 9, 2003)
  Until Health Canada officials can finalize logistics on where and when to use a thermal imaging scanner that screens travellers at Pearson International Airport for fever, it has been put back in storage. Source:  
Ill health care worker no longer suspected of SARS, Toronto officials say  (Posted May 9, 2003)
  TORONTO (CP) - A health care worker on the SARS watch list after she came down with a fever and a respiratory-tract infection is no longer suspected of having the disease, local health officials said Friday. Source:  
SARS Outbreak Nearly Over in Canada-Toronto Doctor  (Posted May 9, 2003)
  TORONTO (Reuters) - One of the doctors who led Toronto's battle against SARS said on Thursday that the virus was still lingering in hospitals of Canada's largest city, but the outbreak was nearly over. 'Clearly, the outbreak as we know it is behind us,'  
SARS detector is back in the closet  (Posted May 9, 2003)
  A day after Health Canada debuted a SARS fever scanner at Pearson airport the machine has been mothballed and critics are calling the event a political stunt that had nothing to do with safeguarding Canadians. Source: KEVIN CONNOR, TORONTO SUN  
Toronto likely to be SARS-free soon, WHO says  (Posted May 8, 2003)
  Canadian Press - Geneva — Canada is likely to join soon other countries that have eliminated SARS, but that will not mean an end to the fight against the illness, a leading WHO disease expert said Thursday. Click title to read the entire article.  
Edmonton given a small chance of avoiding SARS  (Posted May 7, 2003)
  EDMONTON SUN - It's no longer inevitable that the deadly SARS virus will strike Edmonton, says the region's medical officer of health...  
SARS 'overblown' in Toronto  (Posted May 6, 2003)
  A Toronto real estate broker is promoting positive home sales data for the city to counter-balance the negative publicity that resulted from an outbreak of SARS and a weeklong travel alert from the World Health Organization. Source: Inman News  
Pass on to others  (Posted May 6, 2003)
  Widespread knowledge on this important subject is in everyone's best interest. Please let others know about  
SARS fears decline in Toronto  (Posted May 6, 2003)
  TORONTO (CP) -- With a weekend of fine weather and deep discounts on everything from hotel rooms to CN Tower admission, businesses were hoping to assure nervous visitors they're not likely to get SARS by visiting this city.  
The really bad news about SARS  (Posted May 6, 2003)
  When Toronto health officials need to test someone for SARS, they can't get the results locally. They have to send the patient's samples to Canada's most advanced microbiology lab, the one that deals with the world's newest and most dangerous infectious diseases. This lab is in Winnipeg. Why Winnipeg? Source: Globe and Mail  
Stars and SARS  (Posted May 6, 2003)
  TORONTO — Toronto is a safe place to visit, the World Health Organization decided last week, but some celebrities, it seems, haven't heard the word... Source: Globe and Mail  
Probable New SARS Case in Toronto  (Posted May 1, 2003)
  EMMA TINKLER, Associated Press (TORONTO) - An international conference on SARS ended Thursday with the World Health Organization saying Canada is making the right moves to contain its outbreak.

Canada reported another probable case of the disease in Toronto, but a WHO spokesman noted it involved a health care worker exposed to the illness, not any new exposure in the general community...
SARS threat on the decline: Halton MOH  (Posted May 1, 2003)
  Jason Misner, Special to the Post - The threat of severe acute respiratory syndrome is waning in Halton. The region's Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Bob Nosal, said by today (Wednesday) he anticipates that there will be no Halton residents under voluntary quarantine...  
SARS suspected in two new Toronto cases  (Posted May 1, 2003)
  OLIVER MOORE - Globe and Mail Update with Canadian Press - Two possible new cases of SARS in Toronto emerged Thursday, even as a top World Health Organization official praised Canada as doing “exactly what was called for” in restricting the spread of the disease. Click title to read the whole article.  
Ontario's SARS deaths reach 23  (Posted April 30, 2003)
  TORONTO - Two more SARS deaths were reported Wednesday in Ontario by the province's Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. Source: CBC  
Toronto Airport to Get Fever Scanners to Fight SARS  (Posted April 30, 2003)
  Toronto (Bloomberg) - Toronto's Pearson International Airport will install thermal scanners within three weeks to identify people with fevers that could signal they have severe acute respiratory syndrome. Click on the title to read entire article.  
Jays sell out $1 anti-SARS promotion  (Posted April 30, 2003)
  Canadian Press - TORONTO -- The Blue Jays hope a near-sellout gathering of 48,097 fans last night will help send the world a message that Toronto is safe ...  
SARS crisis 'days' away from end  (Posted April 30, 2003)
  Tom Blackwell and Isabel Vincent - National Post - 'Jubilant' in Geneva: 'Outbreak has been well contained,' Basrur says as WHO drops travel warning...  
Ontario officials pleased as WHO rescinds travel advisory  (Posted April 29, 2003)
  GENEVA, April 29 /CNW/ - Ontario officials today are pleased that the World Health Organization (WHO) has withdrawn its Severe Acute Respiratory (SARS) travel advisory for Toronto. "We're extremely pleased the World Health Organization has rescinded its travel advisory for Toronto," said Health and Long-Term Care Minister Tony Clement. "I want to thank the organization for taking the time to meet with us face-to-face and re-examine the compelling evidence that shows how Ontario has been working successfully to contain SARS."  
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SARS - Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome - is an important health issue and is a resource for information on the SARS Virus.

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