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BREAKING NEWS - NEW SARS CASE  (Posted September 8, 2003)
  CNN - Singapore health officials say a local patient has tested positive for severe acute respiratory syndrome, or SARS, The Associated Press reports. Click title to read entire article.  
Australia reduces SARS measures  (Posted July 29, 2003)
  Australian health authorities will scale down measures designed to guard against SARS as the global threat from the deadly virus diminishes. Click title to read entire article.  
Singapore: Nearly 65% of homes have SARS tool kits  (Posted July 11, 2003)
  Nearly 65 percent of homes in Singapore have collected their SARS tool kits. And according to the People's Association, the figure is expected to go up to 80 percent by the end of this month. The government is distributing nearly 1.1 million thermometers and masks to all homes as part of a public education to stay vigilant against SARS...  
North Korea Drops Mandatory Anti-SARS Quarantine  (Posted July 11, 2003)
  BEIJING (Reuters) - North Korea (news - web sites) has resumed flights and train services from China and dropped a tough anti-SARS (news - web sites) measure that forced all travelers into 10 days of quarantine since late April, China's Xinhua news agency said on Friday.  
Nine quarantined for possible SARS in Texas  (Posted July 11, 2003)
  WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Nine people at Dyess Air Force Base in Texas have been quarantined in their homes for possible SARS infection, according to a spokesman for the base near Abilene. Test results confirming whether they have severe acute respiratory syndrome are expected in the next few days.  
WHO Removes Hong Kong From SARS List  (Posted June 23, 2003)
  HONG KONG (AP)--The World Health Organization removed Hong Kong from its list of SARS-infected areas on Monday, but warned the territory to keep up its guard against future outbreaks.  
N.C. Man Who Died After SARS Exposure Did Not Have Disease  (Posted June 23, 2003)
  RALEIGH, N.C. A man who died this month after possibly being exposed to a co-worker with SARS (search) did not have the disease, health officials said Monday.  
1 New SARS Death in Taiwan  (Posted June 19, 2003)
  Taiwan has reported one new death from Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Thursday. The new fatality brings Taiwan's death toll to 84.  
Bulgarian hospitalized on suspicion of having SARS  (Posted June 17, 2003)
  BURGAS (bnn)--A Bulgarian man, who lives permanently in Toronto, was hospitalized in Eastern Bulgaria because of suspicion he might be infected with the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), an official said Monday...  
China Reports Two SARS Deaths  (Posted June 17, 2003)
  BEIJING (AP) - China on Saturday reported two SARS deaths, but said there had been no new cases of the disease.  
Taiwan reports no new SARS infections for 2nd day  (Posted June 17, 2003)
  TAIPEI, June 17 (Reuters) - Taiwan, which has the world's third-highest number of SARS infections, reported no new cases on Tuesday for the second-straight day.  
Singapore reports one SARS death  (Posted June 17, 2003)
  A 60-year-old woman has died of SARS in Singapore after battling the disease for nearly two months, raising the death toll to 32, but no new cases have been reported, the ministry of health (MOH) said today.  
WHO removes Taiwan from SARS advisory list  (Posted June 17, 2003)
  GENEVA The World Health Organization (WHO) on Tuesday removed Taiwan from its SARS travel advisory list, citing "vast improvements" in containing severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) on the island.  
U.S. State Department Cancels SARS Travel Warning on Hong Kong  (Posted June 11, 2003)
  June 11 (Bloomberg) -- The U.S. State Department ended a travel warning on Hong Kong and authorized the return of U.S. government employees to the city because the SARS epidemic is subsiding, it said in an e-mailed statement.  
No One Under SARS Quarantine  (Posted June 9, 2003)
  For the first time in three months, no one in South Korea is under quarantine for severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) as of today, the National Institute of Health (NIH) said yesterday...  
Party blamed for Yangming outbreak  (Posted June 9, 2003)
  Taipei Municipal Yangming Hospital announced yesterday that the principal reason behind the hospital's SARS outbreak on Friday, was a party for medical workers held on May 30 in the facility's ninth-floor auditorium...  
Taiwan reports 4 more SARS infections  (Posted June 9, 2003)
  TAIPEI Taiwan reported four more probable cases of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) on Monday involving an outbreak at a local hospital...  
Two new suspected NZ Sars cases reported  (Posted June 5, 2003)
  Two men suspected of having the potentially fatal Sars virus remained in hospital today in what Auckland health authorities said was a precautionary measure...  
SARS recedes with no new cases in Asia  (Posted June 5, 2003)
  No new SARS cases were reported on Thursday in Asia for the first time since countries began giving out daily figures. China, the epicentre of the SARS outbreak in Asia, on Thursday reported no new infections - for the third day this week - and two new deaths in the previous 24 hours, taking the toll to 336 fatalities from 5,329 cases...  
Sars-related death penalty  (Posted June 4, 2003)
  Beijing - A man in northern China was sentenced to death for murdering the village head of a Sars prevention team, state press reported on Wednesday, in the first reported Sars-related case involving capital punishment.  
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SARS - Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome - is an important health issue and is a resource for information on the SARS Virus.

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