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SARS Surges in Taiwan With 8 New Deaths  (Posted May 12, 2003)
  The SARS crisis surged in Taiwan with eight new fatalities and a record jump in infections Monday, as the World Health Organization visited a poor and medically backward Chinese province that could be fertile ground for a future epidemic. Source: ABC News  
Sars cases in China pass 5,000  (Posted May 12, 2003)
  World Health Organisation officials today arrived in China to study the potentially devastating spread of severe acute respiratory syndrome in rural areas, with the latest set of statistics on the disease making grim reading. The number of Sars cases in China has now passed 5,000.  
China Reports 69 New SARS Cases, Five More Deaths  (Posted May 11, 2003)
  BEIJING (Reuters) - China said on Sunday five more people had died from SARS and another 69 were infected, taking the death toll to 240 and the number of cases to 4,948.  
HK reports 3 new SARS deaths, four more infected  (Posted May 11, 2003)
  HONG KONG, May 11 (Reuters) - Hong Kong said on Sunday the SARS virus had killed three more people and infected four others, as new infections stayed in single digits for the eighth straight day.  
Taiwan reports 12 new SARS cases, no death  (Posted May 11, 2003)
  TAIPEI, May 11 (Reuters) - Authorities in Taiwan said on Sunday nearly 200 people from a Taipei housing block were violating quarantine orders issued earlier in the week as a measure against Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS).  
China SARS toll still climbing  (Posted May 11, 2003)
  Beijing: China said yesterday that five more people had died from SARS and another 69 were infected, taking the death toll to 240 and the number of cases to 4948. Click title to read the entire article.  
SARS prospects remain grim: Chinese Premier  (Posted May 11, 2003)
  China's Premier has warned that his country's SARS outbreak remains grim, with China's total number of infections nearing 5000. SARS has killed 240 people in China and infected 4948...  
China's Rural Folk Target SARS; Canada Isolates 30  (Posted May 10, 2003)
  HONG KONG (Reuters) - Chinese villagers, increasingly worried about SARS, dumped rotten fish on cars carrying visitors from Beijing while Canada isolated 30 people suspected to be infected by the virus...  
Taiwan hit hard by SARS  (Posted May 10, 2003)
  TAIPEI, Taiwan (CNN) -- All train passengers in Taiwan have been ordered to wear masks as of Sunday, as the island recorded its highest one-day rise in SARS infections and four new deaths.  
Greek Hoteliers Turn Down Guests from SARS Areas  (Posted May 9, 2003)
  ATHENS (Reuters) - Greek hoteliers said on Friday they would turn down bookings from visitors in countries suffering from the SARS virus to reduce the risk of the disease entering Greece.  
SARS Spread Still Mystery in Beijing  (Posted May 9, 2003)
  Beijing -- Health officials publicly acknowledged Friday that they do not know how the majority of SARS infections in the Chinese capital are occurring, and one of the World Health Organization’s top officials said it “is impossible to say” whether the Beijing epidemic has peaked.  
Only one likely SARS case in South Africa  (Posted May 9, 2003)
  South Africa has had only one probable case of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) so far, said health authorities. Of about 150 suspected SARS cases reported, the only likely one was that of a businessman who died recently because of heart failure. Source: Cape Times  
Tibet warned against SARS outbreak  (Posted May 9, 2003)
  Beijing, May 9. (PTI): Even as a senior Chinese official warned Tibet against a possible onslaught by the SARS epidemic, the first infra-red fever detector has been installed at the Gongga international airport in Lhasa in an effort to contain the spread of the killer disease breaking out in the Himalayan region...  
Spread of SARS slowing, says CDC head  (Posted May 9, 2003)
  Taiwan News - The new "top commander" of Taiwan's fight to contain the current outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) urged citizens yesterday to cooperate with isolation and quarantine rules to prevent the spread of the disease through the wider community. By yesterday afternoon, SARS had claimed the lives of 13 people in Taiwan...  
Taiwan Seals Housing Block as SARS Cases Jump  (Posted May 9, 2003)
  TAIPEI (Reuters) - Taiwan quarantined almost 500 people in a Taipei public housing block on Friday as health authorities reported the biggest single-day rise in SARS infections in the past two weeks. About 470 people were quarantined...  
Taiwan Adds Record 18 SARS Cases, Surpasses Canada  (Posted May 9, 2003)
  Taipei, May 9 (Bloomberg) -- Taiwan reported 18 more cases of severe acute respiratory syndrome, its biggest one-day increase, bringing the total on the island to 149 and surpassing Canada as the area fourth-most-affected by the disease.  
WHO Takes SARS Probe Into China Countryside  (Posted May 9, 2003)
  BEIJING (Reuters) - The World Health Organisation took its SARS probe into rural China, where the health care system is in shambles, as reports emerged on Friday of more attacks on quarantine sites in the country by people scared of the disease. A team of four WHO experts investigated hospitals and an epidemic prevention station in a rural area of Hebei province, 75 miles south of Beijing, the Xinhua news agency said. Click title to read the entire article.  
Section of Canadian Trade Office closes on SARS concerns  (Posted May 8, 2003)
  The Canadian Trade Office has temporarily suspended its immigration and visa services after a locally hired employee was hospitalized with symptoms of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), a trade office spokesman said yesterday. Source: The Taipei Times  
Sars fear hits Russia  (Posted May 8, 2003)
  Russia today reported its first Sars case, as Moscow ordered airlines to stop taking bookings to China and other areas at the centre of the global outbreak. Source: Guardian Unlimited  
China warns over spread of Sars virus  (Posted May 8, 2003)
  HONG KONG: China warned yesterday it was facing an escalating Sars crisis in the countryside as millions of migrant workers threatened to spread the disease to fragile rural regions and the global death toll mounted. Click title to read the entire story.  
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SARS - Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome - is an important health issue and is a resource for information on the SARS Virus.

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